Meet Wileen Charles, Founder of Braintree Productions and currently Vice President of  Production Tech-Ops of the Hallmark Channel /Crown Media.

With a passion for taking on projects that require an experienced and steadfast hand, Wileen shines when she gets to use her top-flight proficiency in multitasking, organizing, hiring, budgeting, planning, directing operations and managing complex schedules. She is a able to take on complete projects from beginning to end, or step in to assist with portions of a project that require a trustworthy professional or team to manage and execute them.  

As a seasoned production executive with years of experience in all aspects of production, Wileen has managed over 3,600 hours of live to tape production from concept to completion, budgeting, hiring key staff, managing film crews, and making sure the production is completed on time and within budget. 

Wileen is articulate, highly-communicative and enjoys developing and maintaining positive relationships with all levels of individuals of diverse backgrounds.  She is especially excited to participate in working on projects that showcase inclusiveness in creative and production aspects whenever possible. 

With so many projects and years behind her, Wileen has a team of amazing resources to help deliver on any production needs required, regardless of the type of event or its location.  When you work with Wileen, you get access to the best people to make up your project’s team and bring your vision to reality.


Meet Harvey Warren, Executive Producer. 

Harvey is a member of the Writers Guild of America since 1990 having written feature film for Warner Brothers and Columbia Pictures.  Harvey has a long and varied career as an Executive Producer, book author and on-air personality as a financial services professional.  He is happily partnered with his wife in BrainTree Productions.

Harvey Bio Picture